Sheet Vinyl

Almost everybody is familiar with sheet vinyl, not to be confused with Linoleum which was made in 1855, it’s been around since the 1960s, and most likely isn’t going anywhere – and for good reason. Sheet vinyl is a utilitarian solution to a multifaceted problem. You’ve got an area that’s a potential splash zone, takes high foot traffic, maybe other messes including food spills, AND you’re on a budget. This is where sheet vinyl shines. Properly installed, sheet vinyl will last a lifetime standing up to traffic, be IMPERVIOUS to water, and cleans up easy. It typically is more cost-effective than vinyl plank and tile as well.

Sheet vinyl is available in a wide variety of styles and colors. Sheet vinyl that looks like deco ceramic tile? Check. Wood grain sheet vinyl? Got it. Stone sheet vinyl? All day. What if I want a solid color sheet vinyl? Good news, buddy, there’s solid color sheet vinyl here just for you!

Sheet vinyl is made of PVC just like LVT (link to vinyl plank cores) and is a stronger version of Linoleum which was just varying thicknesses of oiled linen. Made from fiberglass coated in vinyl, often embossed and coated in urethane. Higher end makes have a cushion on the back to increase comfort.

Don’t be fooled on the difference between low and high-quality sheet vinyl. Inexpensive sheet vinyl often is not much more than a thin fiberglass sheet with a backing. Performance sheet vinyl is inlaid and durable, being several mm thick.

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